The House of Static is a cutting-edge, genre-fluid record label and production company, from the minds of Kilo House and The Static Dive (Bob Smith).

Kilo House

Music influences all of our lives to some degree. In the case of LA-based producer Kilo House, its impact has been immeasurable. Growing up, he was unable to move his legs or one of his arms. Despite these obstacles, a teenage Kilo taught himself to play the drums. After years of hard work he would eventually become the drummer in a Hardcore band.

In 2014 Kilo moved to Los Angeles to attend the prestigious music production school, Icon Collective. In the years since graduating he has become a world renowned Bass Trap producer, even creating his own ‘Terror Trap’ genre. In addition to his solo work, Kilo works for artists around the world as a top-notch mixing and mastering engineer.

the static dive

The Static Dive

The Static Dive is the professional name of musician and writer, Bob Smith. He toured the US college circuit in the 90’s, and then spent two decades writing and recording hundreds of songs as a solo artist, and with dozens of other projects. In 2018 the multi-instrumentalist producer and guitar wiz introduced his new solo studio project The Static Dive, as well as an influential independent music blog of the same name.

In 2021, Bob and Kilo built The House of Static.