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Episode 15 – David Alexander’s Iconic Insight On Music, Business And Life

ICON Collective co-founder, David Alexander knows the business and art of making music. This week he shares his iconic insight on both.

Episode 11 – Glory to Ukraine

Kilo & Bob talk about Vladimir Putin’s illegal war and Kilo’s new song “Glory to Ukraine!” inspired by President Zelenskyy and the proud people of Ukraine. If you would like to donate to the Ukraine relief effort

Episode 10 – Kilo’s grandmother, Jane Harnish

Jane Harnish has seen the world in her 97 years. She shares her stories with her grandson Kilo and his friend Bob on this week’s House of Static.

Episode 9 – Lisa Li-Lund serves up a glass of blood

International Indie pioneer, Lisa Li-Lund dials in from Paris to talk to Bob & Kilo about her remarkable career so far and her brilliant new album, “Glass of Blood.”

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